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How do I find information about Courses?

Information about general courses, including umpire courses, can be found from your Regional Administrator.

Coaching courses are administered at our Head Office so to enquire about them, please contact the Coaching Development Department:

qualifications@englandnetball.co.uk or 01462 442343

How do I become a coach, official or volunteer?

Visit Make The Game section and contact your Region for local opportunities.

I am already a coach, official or volunteer and want to access some further training or information.

Visit Make The Game section to see Coaching Courses and Officiating Courses.

Information about general courses, including Umpire courses, can be found from your Regional Administrator. However Coaching courses are administered at our head office so to enquire about them, please contact the Coaching Development Department:

qualifications@englandnetball.co.uk or 01462 442343



I need information about surfaces and court dimensions.

This information is located under the Facility and Court Information section.

Where can I find information about England Netball Policies?

England Netball Policies can be found under the Governance section.

What does the insurance cover me for?

The England Netball insurance scheme is provided as a Membership benefit and ensures that Affiliated Members are covered for Liability and Personal Accident Insurance.

Full details are available under Insurance in the Membership section or log on to MyNet to download/view insurance FAQs.

How much does it cost me to affiliate?

For 2017-18, the Club Senior fee is £36.00 (over 18), Club Junior (aged 18 and under) fee is £16.30. There may be a County or Region fee on top.

Please contact the Affiliations Department for full details and other affiliation categories:

Email: affiliations@englandnetball.co.uk

Telephone: 01462 442344

How do I join?

The Joining England Netball page has everything you need to know to join

Email: affiliations@englandnetball.co.uk

Telephone: 01462 442344

Once I've joined, can I play anywhere?

Once affiliated as a Full Member, you are able to play anywhere (provided it’s not with unaffiliated teams, see Insurance section under Membership. However, further rules may be applied for competition and league eligibility.

What does "first claim" and "second claim" mean?

Each person can be affiliated only once to England Netball through the club, league or team that you play for – this is called a “first claim”. If you play for any other teams, you can then “second claim” to these. There is no limit to the number of second claims you may have.

Competitions or leagues may have a rule that you must be first claimed to them to be able to play.

Where can I purchase tickets for Superleague games?

Book them through each Superleague teams website; please go to the Competitions section for links to their websites.

How can a player play in a tournament or competition that is above their age group?

They have to complete an age banding form, send it to England Netball and receive clearance from the Competitions & Events department and also the Performance Director of England Netball. If this is achieved the player in question can participate in the tournament concerned.

Where can I find the fixtures, results and league tables for Premier League and Superleague games?

Please refer to Competitions section of our website and go to the particular competition heading.

How do I find information regarding Schools or Club competitions that are organised by the England Netball Association?

This information can be found under Competitions section of our website, headed under each competition title.

For regional tournaments please contact the relevant regional office for details go to Regions section.

How do we enter teams into particular tournaments?

Tournaments begin in their counties, then if successful teams progress to the regional stages and then finally onto the national finals of that particular competition.

To enter, teams must contact their Regional Office to apply to enter the County stages to begin with.

For the following tournaments; Corporate, Masters, Learning Disabilities Championships and the Challenge Cup, entry is through application.

Contact the events department on ian.holloway@englandnetball.co.uk

How do teams enter The Netball Superleague?

The ren teams are chosen after a team or franchises are offered the chance to put together a bid to be entered as a Superleague team.

It then comes down to each team’s facilities and all round package.

England Netball’s committee members have the final decision. Each franchise has to show financial and sporting ability to be a successful side during the Superleague.

Once the ten teams are chosen they receive an equal amount of financial aid from England Netball to prepare them for the season ahead.

Contact Ian Holloway, Superleague General Manager on ian.holloway@englandnetball.co.uk with expressions of interest, please include contact details.

Where can I purchase the official England Netball merchandise?

Our merchandise can be found under our Netball Store link.

Where can I purchase England Netball resources?

Course resources and equipment can be found in the England Netball Store.

Officiating Resources are also available under the Make the Game and Officiating section.

Who do I contact for press enquires?

For general press enquiries, please contact Alex Sexton, Communications Manager, on


Who do I contact for magazine enquiries?

If you have any magazine enquries, please send requests to Alex Sexton, Communications Manager on alex.sexton@englandnetball.co.uk

I would like information about advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

For enquires regarding advertising and/or sponsorship please contact the Commercial dept on 01462 428317 or email emily.richmond@englandnetball.co.uk

Can I advertise a netball job vacancy on your website or Netball magazine?

We can advertise any netball related job vancancies on our website free of charge, however we do not do any job advertising in the Netball magazine.
You must provide a word document of the advertisement and send it to  emma.barnard@englandnetball.co.uk
 for consideration.