Athletes selected for National Academy Camps

National Screening was held in Sheffield on Saturday, and the following athletes have been successful and will be invited to attend both Easter and Summer Camps when the final selection for the National Academy 2017-18 will take place.

National Academy

Jada Braithwiate-Scott (East), Phoebe Cadogan (Lond & South-East), Charlotte Curtis (South), Ashleigh Dekker (South), Chloe Essam (East Mids), Funmi Fadoju (London & South-East), Jospehine Fraser-Thomson (North-West), Beth Gabriel (South-West), Amelia Hall (North-West), Shelby Harris (South), Alice Harvey (Yorks & Humber), Natalia Karkoszka (Yorks & Humber), Jo Leslie (London & South-East), Suzie Liverseidge (South), Paige McCalla (London & South-East), Maddie Munro-Hall (East Mids), Elisha New (South-West), Jasmin Odeogberin (London & South-East), Sarah Ogunko (London & South-East), Georgia Pexton (Yorks & Humber), Emily Porter (London & South-East), Ellie Rattu (East), Annabel Roddy (West-Mids), Kira Rothwell (London & South-East), Sienna Rushton (East Mids), Millie Sanders (North-West), Tiya Scott-Preston (London & South-East), Ella Standring (North-West), Olivia Tchine (London & South-East), Lola Wheeler (London & South-East), Hannah Williams (North-West), Anya Wood (London & South-East)

National Academy Potential

Ebube Akojie (London & South-East), Leah Baxter (London & South-East), Polly Campanini (South), Alice Currie (North-East), Tumba Katanda (West Mids), Laura Kelly (Yorks & Humber), Sophie Shipway (West Mids), Kelsie Taylor (North-West), Gwyn Wallis (Yorks & Humber)

England Netball wishes to offer its warmest congratulations to all athletes selected and to thank everybody who attending National Screening.

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