England Netball is fully committed to ensuring netball is a clean sport. We are a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) through the International Netball Federation and comply with the INF Anti-Doping Rules. We work closely with UKAD, the principal advisor to the UK government on drug-free sport .

UKAD provide education programmes to ensure National Governing Bodies and their members are fully informed about the code and its operation. England Netball has adopted an Anti-Doping Education Strategy and recruits a network of educators to receive training and disseminate it through their netball community.

The new WADA Code came in to force on 1st January 2015. This creates new offences and sanctions. These new offences include additional ones relating to use of supplements and for Athlete Support Personnel. In common with other sports, the issue of supplements amongst grassroots players is of growing concern. This means that awareness of the anti-doping regime needs to be broadened to include the grassroots elements of the sport, in clubs.

By affiliating to England Netball, all members are bound by the WADA Code.

Each individual needs to make themselves aware of the WADA Code and its implications. Anti-doping offences are strict liability, meaning there is no defence. If you have ingested a banned substance you have committed and Anti-Doping Rule Violation and are liable to prosecution by UKAD, even if you did not intend to cheat. UKAD has a prevention programme called 100% me which supports, informs and educates by providing advice and guidance around how to ensure the sport remains a clean, fair competitive environment.

Anti-Doping Rule Violations

The 2015 Code outlines ten Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs). These are:-
•    Returning a positive test
•    Using, or attempting to use, a banned substance or method
•    Refusal or failure to provide a sample when requested
•    Tampering, or attempting to tamper, with any part of the testing process
•    Possession of a banned substance or method
•    Trafficking, or attempted trafficking, of any banned substance or method
•    Administering, or attempted administering, of a banned substance or method to an athlete; or encouragement, aiding and/or covering up of any involvement in an ADRV 

•    Receiving any combination of three filing failures and/or missed tests in a time period of 12 months (for athletes who are part of the National Registered Testing Pool)
•    Complicity (new from 1 Jan 2015)
•    Prohibited Association (new from 1 Jan 2015)

All ten ADRVs apply to athletes. Only the ADRVs in bold apply to Athlete Support Personnel.

Consequences are Significant

Under the 2015 Code, a minimum four-year ban from sport will apply to those who are found to be deliberately cheating and breaking the rules.

The 2015 Code has little sympathy for carelessness – for inadvertent doping, athletes are more likely to face a two-year ban from sport.

All athletes, coaches and athlete support personnel need to make sure they have sufficient anti-doping knowledge to avoid committing an ADRV and receiving a ban from sport.

Banned Substances

Current WADA Prohibited List.


This includes vitamin tablets, energy drinks and sport-nutrition formulas. There are no guarantees that any supplement is free from all banned substances. Athletes are advised to assess whether supplements are needed and what risk they may be taking before deciding to take a supplement,. You can find advice and guidance on and at Informed Sport


ukad are responsible for testing, prosecuting and enforcing breaches of the WADA Code.

England Netball Athletes in the High Performance Programme and Performance Pathways will be subject to both in and out of competition testing. This is part of ukad’s Doping Control. Guidance on individual rights and responsibilities can be found at Athlete Zone

•    The following groups of athletes are subject to out of competition testing;

England Squad, England U21 Squad and NSL Squads

•    The following groups of athletes are subject to in competition testing;

England National squad, England U21 squad, Superleague squads and all teams competing in International fixtures (e.g.FENA)

The following websites will provide the information required to help you remain compliant with the WADA Code including lists of prohibited substances. It is your responsibility to check and research any medication that you are prescribed and find out if it is prohibited before taking it.

•    To find out if a substance or medicine you take is prohibited or needs declaration or Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) visit

•    To declare a substance e.g. asthma inhaler (salbutamol, serevent, steroid inhaler) visit

•    To find out how to complete a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) e.g. some asthma inhalers (terbutaline, formoterol) steroid tablets for medical problems visit

•    Click here to view the updated INF Anti-Doping rules as published by the International Netball Federation.

•    For more general guidance on anti-doping culture and procedures visit


Crimestoppers host a 24 hour dedicated phone line for reporting concerns about anti-doping violations 0800 32 23 32or go to Information will be passed to ukad’s Intelligence Unit for investigation.

Any queries, please contact: Susan Hudson, England Netball’s Compliance and Inclusion Manager, on 01462 428339.

You can also contact ukad directly on 0800 322332