Sport Experience Young Volunteer Award

Faye Trigg (East)

Faye is very active in encouraging people to volunteer, she has been known to help her peers get involved in coaching and helps to run Back to Netball sessions. She set up a junior club alongside her mum and organizes weekly fixtures. She often assists in venue sourcing for various activities, as well as providing contacts to assist with development. Currently, Faye is working towards setting up a High 5 course for teachers to learn the rules for High 5 netball.

Eleanor Robinson (North East)

As a coach who has been volunteering for a long time, Eleanor will often support the development of younger coaches within the club. She is an inspiration to the young players that she coaches; by being an excellent role model, her leadership makes girls want to play netball. At only 15 years of age she is able to work with older coaches and take knowledge and feedback from the older coaches who have level 1 and level 2 qualifications and to learn from them. She keeps a coaching diary and comes up with her session plans herself.

Sian Davies (West Midlands)

Sian helps any new young volunteers, explaining what is required of them and making them feel at ease. Sian supports the coaches at her club by always being available to assist and mentor the young players coming through. Sian has taken coaching literature home and has matured as a young coach who can not only follow instructions but can think intuitively. At 15 years of age, she is able to coach children as young as year 2 and has required no assistance from any of the adult coaches.

Ella Jennings (East Midlands)

Ella assists level 2 coaches for Futureprint at High 5, Corby Satellite and Corby Development Academy and at JMs U12/U14s. She actively juggles all this volunteer work with studying for her GCSEs and also having aspirations to develop her own netball, by training for her own netball career within the performance and competition pathway. Ella has actively encouraged children with her school to become involved in netball.

Justine McAvoy (London and South East)

Justine supports trainee umpires at the Medway Junior Netball League and sports leaders present at the Medway Junior Netball League. She has taken over as the MJNL Chair with her first successful season under her belt. Justine has impacted the league by taking over control of the Junior section of the website and improving publicity of the league with improved social media links. She strongly believes in the importance of publicity and media in netball and was persistent in being able to access the log in for website updates and creating social media channels in a bid to make the MJNL bigger and better known.

Hannah Rowell (London and South East) – WINNER

Hannah has been closely involved with Surrey Storm netball in terms of volunteering for the last 4 seasons and has always encouraged as many people from the university team as possible to get involved. She has organised one of the most successfully ran Guildford league seasons, in terms of communication with teams and quality of games played by sourcing more qualified umpires. Traditionally, university netball has always been seen as an elitist women’s sport. Hannah has completely changed this persona with all of the things she has done with Team Surrey Netball.

Lauren Leatherland (South West)

Lauren consistently guides young people, her peers and seniors alike within a coaching context. She is confident to share her vision of how a player and team can develop, encouraging change amongst those under her guidance.  In doing so she promotes the benefits of coaching and leading to the futures of netball. As an experienced ‘Gold Award’ D of E candidate, she nurtures those aspirational players at the club undertaking their Bronze D of E Awards within a netball setting.

Kate Scott (North West)

Kate has trained several keen volunteers in order for them to assist her during training sessions, many of which are also working towards their Pass on your Passion award. Kate is now a qualified level 2 coach and is working towards her C award Umpire qualification. The consequence of this is that she has become the most confident and motivational coach of the under 11 and 12 teams this season. Kate goes into the local primary schools and delivers excellent coaching sessions. She encourages enormous amounts of players from age 6-11 to come along on a Saturday morning and learn how to play netball.

Sophie Roydhouse (Yorkshire)

Sophie is a brilliant role model for all the younger players in the club, especially those enrolled on the Pass on Your Passion programme and wishing to become young Level 1 coaches, like her.  She works as part of a coaching team with the U11 age group, every Sunday morning, which includes supporting young girls volunteering on the programme. After the resignation of her own coach and team captain in the open age league, at the beginning of the year; Sophie jointly took on the role of captain and manager.  Throughout the course of the winter season, she successfully merged two age groups into one very successful team.

Lois MacDonald (South)

Lois reaches out and provides netball opportunities to young players (year 3 / 4 and a few year 2s) to allow them to get involved in a sport at an early age. Parents of the girls attending these sessions have commented on how the sessions provide the girls with opportunities and encouragement they are not receiving at school clubs. She will work with those that find it difficult to interact with others. The shy ones, those with special educational needs, and will get them playing and enjoying netball, demonstrating that netball can be for the many.