Team Colours Outstanding Netball Club Award

Finborough Ladies NC (East)

The chair of Finborough is a lead officiating mentor who works alongside all umpires in Suffolk guiding/assessing them through the officiating pathway, thus supporting many other volunteers. The club has 98 members, achieved Silver Caps, and won divisions 2, 5, and 6 in Suffolk League, with the junior team unbeaten. They have raised £295 for Look Good Feel Good charity. To encourage new players, they promote in local papers, hold fundraising events, create flyers and newsletters. Their coaches work at local schools, which help to enforce links.

Cliftonettes Netball Club (East Midlands)

Cliftonettes NC includes umpires, umpire mentors, umpire assessors and coaches who also support the development of novice umpires and coaches within Notts. The club currently coaches all ages from 9 to senior level. The club celebrated its 40th birthday in 2016 and still manages to maintain its ‘netball for all‘ philosophy – they have developed players who have gone onto play for the country.

Cliftonettes NC is a bronze accredited CAPS club.

Cumberland Netball Club (London and South East) – WINNER

Cumberland is one of the largest clubs in the region but volunteers remain committed to providing outstanding netball opportunities to all. In their Junior section alone they have increased attendance from 84 members to 111 in the last year. Through work with the local community press, they have increased participation in the other sections too. The club prides itself in being incredibly welcoming to all members of society.

Cumberland NC is a gold accredited CAPS club.

Greencroft Netball Club (North East)

Greencroft has a great ethos of supporting volunteers in the club and other schools and charities. They are a silver CAPs Award club who has been established over 30 years. Over the last year we have had 2 more coaches gaining their level 2 coaching award, bringing the total to 6. Greencroft is working within schools, which has encouraged girls to play netball and integrate into the club. Some of the teachers and parents have now joined the club too as a result.

Midrange Netball Club (West Midlands)

The club has a great capacity for helping all levels of volunteering. They have raised over £1000 hosting a tournament for ‘Smile for Joel’, which encouraged many different members of the society to play. The club also raised money to help a family of a player who suffered a severe stroke. They have developed athletes and progressed from a two team club to a seven team club.

Midrange is a silver accredited CAPS club.

Newcastle Town (West Midlands)

The Club has entered a record 13 under 16 teams into the Staffordshire County League this season, allowing 160 under 16’s to train and play netball weekly. The club supports local schools, county and region by having active members on various active boards. The club promotes netball through its attendance as volunteers, tutors and mentors throughout the county at school events, particularly in the Newcastle area.

Newcastle Town is a silver accredited CAPS club.

Allus Netball Club (Yorkshire)

Allus supports its coaches, officials and young volunteers with around 25 of them on the POYP programme. One of the lead coaches was named ‘Volunteer of the year’ at the National Goalden Globes, having completed over 400 voluntary hours. They support girls financially, organising umpiring courses specifically for them. The gained Gold CAPS accreditation in 2017 and have also been nationally recognised in the past for having members win Goalden Globes for Long Service, Rose Award, Young Volunteer Award and Grassroots Coach Award. From having just three players in the junior section in 2010 they have grown to have more than 100 players.

Beechwood Netball Club (North West)

Beechwood Netball Club has been described as more than a sports club, they are often described by many as a family.  They have supported 2 players who had sadly lost a family member each, by running a Beechwood Funday tournament, where teams integrated and played each other. The event raised over £2000 for charity and the family could donate £1000 each to a charity of their choice. Although the achievements of their team is very much valued, for this club, the support and development of each other is of paramount importance.

Beechwood NC is a silver accredited CAPS club.

Banbury Blues Netball Club (South)

In 9 years the netball club has grown from a group of 7 friends into a club of 6 adult and 3 junior teams. They have incredibly strong school club links and encourage players from both Primary & Secondary schools, which has this year resulted in growing the junior membership by 20%. They are currently mentoring 8 new trainee umpires and 2 coaches working towards their Level 2. They support their local Sports & Social Club by holding fundraising events, their award’s night and Christmas parties, donating 50% of takings to them.

Banbury Blues is a bronze accredited CAPS club.