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Top questions this month


Question – The other day I was umpiring and the GA and GS wanted to switch positions, so GA called for injury time the bibs where changed and play continued. Is this allowed? The player that called time (GA) was involved in the change

Answer –  No, 9.3.1 (ii) The player concerned must leave the court within 30 Seconds and receives any treatment off the court
Match Protocol – Rule 9 (b) The player leaves the court and play restarts within 30 seconds
(f) The player concerned must leave the court before play may recommence

Question – Can a player tip the ball (when they could have caught it), allow the ball to bounce on the floor and then catch it?

Answer – Yes, Rule 9.4.1 (iii) Without having possession of the ball a player may:
(b) Tip the ball in an uncontrolled manner once, or more than once then either catch the ball or bat or bounce it to another player



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