England Netball launches Volunteer of the Moment Reward Programme

England Netball is delighted to announce the launch of our Volunteer of the Moment (VotM) programme. This is an instant recognition and reward for volunteers that compliments the established regional and national Goalden Globe process and Pass on Your Passion (PoYP) scheme.

Volunteers are the backbone of netball and as we build up to the Netball World Cup in 2019, England Netball will be increasingly supporting our volunteers and recognising the fantastic work they do. It’s a way of saying a huge thank you to all our netball volunteers across the country. We really couldn’t do it without you!

Volunteer of the Moment is used to recognise and reward volunteers of any age, in any role or environment who have made a significant contribution to the development of netball.

A VotM reward can be given to a volunteer who has really gone above and beyond and been a netball star. This could be for work on a single occasion (e.g. at a training session or event) or ongoing commitment to a role they’ve carried out over a period of time.

England Netball staff, regional board and county committee members can select volunteers to receive the award. Winners will be rewarded with an ‘I Make the Game’ T-shirt and lanyard as a small appreciation for the work they do in making netball happen.

Each month England Netball will upload profiles onto the Volunteer of the Moment pages of the England Netball website of everyone who has been given a reward and the reasons they have been recognised.


First Netball Volunteer to receive the Volunteer of the Moment reward

Congratulations Jo Randall

Jo has been integral to the successful coordination of volunteers at England Netball events including the Test Series against Jamaica, the Quad Series and the Super Ten event in Birmingham. She has travelled all over the country to support the events team, going the extra mile for volunteers to make sure they have the best experiences, all whilst being a volunteer herself.

Volunteers of the Moment – Winners

May 2017

June 2017

July 2017

Judy Yoxall

Judy has been such a fabulous ambassador for Walking Netball since its launch. Thank you for assisting and covering at our award winning Fareham Leisure Centre sessions and being a big part of the organisation for our first friendly game and entries into our first festival!

For assisting at Portsmouth taster sessions and being the driving force for Portsmouth Walking Netball.

Thank you for regularly umpiring and supporting Back to Netball and for your continued voluntary coaching work with Springers, Portsmouth’s original Back to Netball team.

Carol Finlan

Carol has been involved with the Dudley Netball League for over 40 years and dedicates her time to ensuring that we raise money for our nominated charity.

Above and beyond her nominated role, Carol is an advocate for the League and this season has covered a number of committee duty nights, ensuring that the league at ground level is run appropriately and professionally.

As an aside, Carol organises our annual presentation evening and ensures that we have team representation, issues tickets, organises and provides the entertainment.  She works extremely hard to ensure that we maintain our League standards.

Eileen Blocksidge

Eileen has been involved with the Dudley Netball League for over 40 years, and has held the position of Treasurer for a number of those.

She is extremely diligent in her approach to financial records and provides fantastic support to the committee and league members.

The league has always maintained a positive balance and through Eileen’s fantastic management we have been able to cover costs without increasing the financial burden on participating teams.

Fiona Cashmore

Fiona has been involved in netball for many, many years. More than we can count! But during the last 12 months Fiona has not only been involved with the County Netball Association and Regional Management Board, but she has also taken up the role of Joint Regional Competition Chair.

With this additional role comes additional responsibility, and Fiona always ensures that all matters are resolved in a fair and consistent manner.  Her personality and attitude help when dealing with difficult situations, and no matter what she always has a smile.

Fiona is also the main driving force behind Willenhall Town Wanderers NC and this year she has taken a young U12 team through their paces, building them into a fantastic squad for Wanderers future. I would not be lying if I said I wanted to be like Fiona when I grow up. She is simply a marvellous role model for our fantastic sport.

Kate Wilkinson

Kate has held many positions within the Dudley Netball League, but I have only known her as Honorary Secretary.

Kate holds us all together, she is one of the most organised people I know and works hard to ensure that the league maintains its professionalism and high standards. She has been involved with the League for over 40 years, nothing is too much trouble. Kate is understanding and a fantastic role model.

Rose Peakman

Rose has been involved with the Dudley Netball league for over 40 years, and has been the 1st contact point for teams for a number of those 40 years.  Rose ensures that all of our members are allocated suitable fixtures, are up to date with league positions and player transfers.

She is extremely diligent in her approach and ensures that the League rules are maintained always.  Above all Rose is one of the most approachable people I know, who will always assist with any team or committee query.