Indemnified Members

Affiliated Members are covered as per the schedule of benefits for Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance if they have paid the appropriate Membership Fees and participate in ‘recognised and authorised’ netball activity.

  • A Member of:
    • A Club (‘Gold’ level cover / Category A)
    • A Young Persons’ Group (‘Gold’ level cover / Category B)
  • A College or University (‘Silver’ level cover / Category C)
  • A County Netball Association’s Management Committee (including the County Schools Committees and their activities) (‘Gold’ level cover / Category A)
  • A Regional Management Board’s Management Committee (including Regional Schools Committees and their activities) (‘Gold’ level cover / Category A)
  • Advisory Groups, Committees and Technical Support Groups working with either England Netball or their Regional Management Boards and County Committees (‘Gold’ level cover / Category A)
  • The Committee of a Club or League in which all the Committee members are affiliated to England Netball (‘Gold’ level cover / Category A)
  • Volunteers join England Netball under the Social and Supporters category receive the Liability Insurance as a benefit (No Personal Accident cover)
  • An Independent Registered Participant (non-playing) e. coach / umpire / tutor / match official / umpire assessor / volunteer, appropriately qualified to England Netball and join via their County Netball Association or an affiliated Club (‘Gold’ level cover / Category A)
  • An England Netball or ESNA Honorary Life Member (‘Gold’ level cover / Category A)
  • England Netball contracted and zero hours Staff (‘Silver’ level cover / Category C)