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Is there a Walking Netball session near me?

Log on to https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/netball-finder/category/walking-netball/ for details regarding your nearest Walking Netball session.

What clothing do I wear for a Walking Netball session?

Whatever feels comfortable. Wear loose fitting clothes and shoes that aren’t open toe or heeled.

How do I become a Walking Netball Host?

Log on to https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/netball-finder/category/coaching/list/ to find your nearest Host Training course and get in contact with your nearest Regional Office for further support https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/regions/

Which foot does the defending 0.9 m (3 ft) start from?

If the player takes 3 consecutive fluid steps 1-2-3, then the defending player marks from where the player stops i.e. 2nd foot. However, if the player takes the normal 1-2 steps, pauses and then steps again. The defending player can mark from the landing foot (1st foot) where the pause took place

Can the GS/GA catch the ball outside the goal circle and using the three steps allowed, enter the goal circle and shoot?

No, the GS/GA must not have had contact with the ground outside the goal circle prior to shooting.

Is a player allowed to take two steps pause and then take another step to make the defender retreat?

No, the three steps are in one consecutive moment. If the player stops after taking two steps the nearer foot is considered the landing foot. If they then choose to step again, this will be deemed as footwork.

Am I insured to participate in Walking Netball if I affiliate to England Netball?

Yes, providing you are affiliated, up to the age of 80. For those who are 80:

The Personal Accident Insurance applies up to the age of 80, for all affiliated members who are participating in any recognised and authorised netballing activity of England Netball.

Once the affiliated member turns 80 years old, if they wish to continue their involvement within any recognised and authorised netball activity and receive Personal Accident Insurance, they should contact the EN Membership department to consider their options, prior to undertaking any recognised and authorised netball activity.

The minimum age limit for Coaches and Umpires (including trainees) will be as per the current England Netball regulations.

There is no maximum age limit for the Public Liability insurance.

Am I insured as a Walking Netball Host if I affiliate to England Netball?

Yes, providing you are affiliated and have attended the England Netball Host Training up to the age of 80. For those 80 and over, the response to question 7 applies.