Player Blog

Following a competition run in Netball magazine Saffron Leheup-Wright was selected to be our NYC Ambassador.

Here she tells all about her experience at the Nottingham NYC.

Day 1:

OMG this NYC is amazing, this morning we have been doing ‘get to know you games’ so I have met loads of new people and we have been doing attacking drills, such as driving out at a centre pass.

We ate lunch whilst watching the Superleague and doing a quiz, my team was called ‘We’re DUNN’, which we found funny! We did defending this afternoon as well as shooting practice and played matches until the end of the day. The matches were good and very fun.

I got given my NYC t-shirt so hopefully I’ll get it signed tomorrow by an England player. I also got given a NYC goodie bag with a poster, lip balm, nail file and many other exciting things in it…

Day 2:

Today was brilliant. I learnt not to jump for every ball and when you do jump land the way that you are next going to pass the ball.

I also got to meet the amazing U21 England and Loughborough Lightning player, Lauren Massey, who helped us with drills and gave us tips.  I got to speak to her and she is very down to earth and funny and it was brilliant finding out her story as she has worked hard to get where she is, she is such an amazing inspiration.

Day 3:

To start the day we did circuits in teams and then stage 2 and 3 defending, I really enjoyed this. We then moved onto movement in the circle and then we mixed the stage 2 and 3 defending in with this, this then became challenging but taught us a lot.

After lunch we played matches, commonwealth based and had to pick a name to be, my team were England and we did quite well. We then did an award ceremony and everyone got a prize for different things, I got one for being the camp comedian! Overall I really have enjoyed these last three days and would do it again, I really recommend it if you enjoy netball :)